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After his stroke, my father lost his ability to speak. He survived the stroke that stole his speech, but I always longed to talk to him, to ask about his life and our family, to uncover the stories that now remain unanswered. From my experience as a Professional Counselor and my own personal life journey I have witnessed the desire for family members to have a record of a life that was dear to them. I created Life Histories as a result of my experience. It is a simple process which allows families to record and preserve the journey of a loved one for generations to come. I comprehend the passion that underlies the need to know and understand it. Those stories are often lost because we never took the time to sit down with a loved one and just write their story down. Life Histories lets you capture those memories today.

Together, your family and I create a Life History in four easy steps. First, I compile and submit appropriate questions to the family member from a modifiable question bank. Next, I obtain additional questions from family members. Third, we add or delete questions as the family may wish. Lastly, I conduct the interview and record it on state-of-the-art sound and video equipment.To discuss your personal, professional, and compassionate Life History, please visit my website or call me directly for more information.

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Helen R. Brooks, LCPC

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Read more about the process of discovering and filming your history. I tailor every step for your family and your stories, making each endeavor an adventure in itself.

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