Donna Marx

Dear Helen,

Thank you again for guiding me through my life story. It feels like a whole new world to have given my children and granddaughters Nonna's life history. I've shared family stories with them. However, a DVD adds a lasting dimension that they may treasure. Even with the "black sheep", I am very proud of my grandparents, parents and entire family tree going back before the revolutionary war.

I could not have done it without you. Your list of suggested questions to address was very helpful. "Homework" was a huge gift in itself--going through old photos, letters, etc., sparked my memory and touched my heart. Your generosity of Spirit, gentleness and kindness made the whole experience a blessing.

Helen, I know this is not a business for you. It is your calling. You have enriched my family's life.

Gratefully and fondly,
Donna Marx

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